Monday, January 3, 2011

9 Month Favorite Things!

Interested in what Eirik loves at the moment? =)

My cats - still a hit! Though not as much as before. I think some of the novelty of them is wearing off!

The piano - he still loves to play it... now he walks up and down it playing the keys. Its cute because he can't see what he's doing.

Mozart Magic Cube - I picked this up at a consignment sale a few months ago. It was a great price and i'd heard wonderful things about it. Well, at first Eirik really wasn't sure about it. He didn't really get how it worked so he'd try and roll it around on the floor and then get bored with it. Well, he finally figured out how it works at now its a HUGE hit. Its the toy that I pull out when I need 15 minutes to do dishes or just take a mental mommy break. It will easily occupy him for that long... longer then ANY other toy we have.

Fisher Price Rumble and Learn Drive - He got this for christmas after my friend commented how every time he was at her house he loved the one she had. He really does enjoy it! It doesn't hold his attention quite as long as the mozart cube, but its a good second place. It was the one toy on Christmas that he went for ASAP!

The bath - he LOVES bathtime. He loves splashing as much as he can and soaking everything near by. He also loves trying to stand in the bathtub. We're working on curbing that one....

Books - he is REALLY getting into books now! He likes to be read too, but also enjoys looking at them alone. He is trying to turn pages but doesn't quite have the fine motor skills for it yet... but he likes to grab a whole book and flip it back and forth and back and forth. There are a few books he can turn the pages on.

Anything he can push/pull up on - if he can pull up and push something, he loves it. Boxes, laundry baskets, coffee tables, etc.

Paper - yes, he loves paper... its fun! He loves to tear it, and then tries to eat it too.

Plastic plates - i don't get this one... but he loves those round plastic plates... he likes to hold them, flip them over and over, and then smack them into his leg...... have i mentioned I have an odd child?


  1. Eirik sounds just like Noah. Isn't that funny? Two little boys the same age doing just the same things...

  2. I love your favorite things lists, I add them to my wish list on Amazon and any time family requests a gift idea I have one at the ready =)