Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A first i'm glad I missed...

Tuesday nights I have to work late, which is always hard on me. It means I don't really see Eirik all day because by the time I get home he's either in bed or about to go to bed. Whats a working mom to do? Last night however I walked in the door and my husband had a very concerned look on ihs face. He was holding Eirik, who looked exhausted, but it was bedtime so that was nothing new.

"He's been throwing up"

I cringed. I'll confess here... I can handle poop, blood, snot and spit up. But vomit? I can't do vomit. The smell makes me gag and hearing someone else throw up? Better grab me a bucket!

"well, how long has he been throwing up?" I asked, hoping that maybe it was just once and that was all.

"Well, he threw up all over me, then in the bath, then over his changing table, then again when I was rocking him." I cringed.

"well, lets just keep an eye on him and see how he does" I said, crossing my fingers that the throwing up was over. Poor little guy was exhausted and not happy... he was trying to eat and he wanted to but every time he got going he started to cough and gag so finally I just rocked him until he fell asleep.

And then I smelled it. That smell... my husband had left everything that was thrown up on upstairs in the laundry basket. I grabbed everything and threw it in the wash, knowing that the smell would only linger if it didn't get washed ASAP.

The good news is that there was no more throwing up that night... he slept really well actually... he only woke up twice: 1:30 and 4:30. I however was up every 2 hours to check on him.I 99% sure that the throwing up was caused by some old milk... I left him some from the freezer but it was right at the 6 month mark. I figured if it was bad he wouldn't drink it, but I guess thats not the case. In the future i'll have to make sure to inspect the milk better before leaving it for him!


  1. Poor little guy =( Happy there wasn't any more throwing up. How can you tell milk is bad from looking at it? I've got some in the freezer but I think the oldest is ~3 months right now.

  2. Ohh, poor Eirik. I'm glad you missed the puking. That's weird that it would be caused by "old milk." Especially if it was right at the 6 month mark. I wouldn't have thought that would happen! (Not that I'm disagreeing with your assessment of the situation:)

  3. Caryn - the smell test honestly! I didn't thaw it, my husband did, so in future i'm going to thaw and sniff before hand. And if its a deep freezer its good for 12 months. =)

    Lauren - it was in a fridge freezer not my deep freezer downstairs. It could have been something else as you said, but since he didn't eat anything else out of the norm yesterday I just assumed it was probably that!

  4. I'll have to keep an eye on my pumped milk as well. I've never had any issue but it's good to know what to look for, so if there is an issue I'll know why!

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