Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome Back

Yesterday my period decided to return. Wonderful! It of course make its appearance at work with absolutely NO warning. No spotting, no cramping, nothing. One minute everything was hunky dorey and the next I was making a beeline for the bathroom, feminine product in hand. Thank god for black pants!

I guess I should be happy... its held off for almost 10 months, which is pretty nice. I know a lot of people who breastfeed get their period back by about 6 months. I have to admit 10 months of no bleeding and cramps has been WONDERFUL. But I have no idea what to expect now. I'm guessing it will take a few months for things to figure themselves out so i'll have a few wonky cycles. We'll see...

It also means my "fertility" has returned. I use that term in " " because I know my fertility sucked to begin with so I'm not taking much stock in suddenly being a fertile person. We are using preventative measures to not get pregnant, but sometimes I feel like these are just a waste of money considering how long it took to get pregnant the first time around. Then again, I do know a few people who have recently become pregnant who tried a long time for number 1... so maybe it is best to keep using preventative measures!

But, as an amusing experiment, i am going to test my fertility at home. How may you ask? The last time I picked up some pregnancy tests they came with a free fertility test! Apparently they now sell a stick that you pee on and it tells you if your hormone levels are high. I already know my hormone levels are high so it should be interesting to see what this little test tells me. I read the directions and it says to pee on a stick (of course you do, you always end up having to pee on a stick!) on the third day of bleeding with your first morning urine. So, tomorrow morning we'll try that little experiment and see what happens! Stay tuned for updates...


  1. Sorry AF is back! I'm interested to see what that FRER fertility test is all about -- post a full review, will 'ya? I might grab one of those for my next cycle. I forgot about them!

  2. I'm pretty sure those tests just test for your FSH level, which is only one indicator of fertility. And it can be "normal" and still be high for your age (like mine)... those sticks are kind of a waste of money for most people!

    Sorry you got your period back! I have mixed feelings about mine eventually returning, but I think right now I'm still not ready for it.

  3. I assume these are different than OPK's--I'm also interested in how they work, since it took us three years to TTC our first and I HOPE TO GOD that it doesn't take that long the next time.

  4. Ugh...sorry to hear AF is back. The least she could have done was given you a warning!