Friday, January 21, 2011

We're Moving...

Well, I'm not physically moving but this blog is!

As I mentioned a while ago, we're going semi privet. So, what does this mean for everyone who reads my blog?

First off, you'll have to start reading it at its new location...  yes, thats right, now it has its own domain name!

Secondly some of my posts will become password protected. What this means is if you want to read a password protected post you'll need to know the password! If you would like the password please send an e-mail to . I will be sending out the password this Sunday, the 23rd. However, if its after the 23rd and you still want the password don't fret!

Now, as I said, not ALL posts will become password protected... so if you want to keep on lurking on my blog or simply don't want the password then thats okay. The posts that will become protected are ones that are heavy on the family/eirik photographs and things of a personal nature. There are lots of blogs i'd love to post, however since this is such a public forum I really don't feel comfortable doing it. All of my posts from blogger are imported to the new wordpress location and are viewable.

I have to add here that the only reason I have made the move from Blogger to WordPress is the fact I have the option to password protect individual posts. With blogger I have the option to make the entire blog privet but no ability to only make specific posts privet.

I'd like to send a HUGE thank you out to Michelle for taking the time to send me information on how to move my blog from  Blogger to WordPress! Thanks!!

So thats it folks... starting tomorrow look for updates at our new home!


  1. You're welcome :) Welcome to WP! I hope you enjoy the privacy it will offer you! Also, congratulations on going with a unique URL -- double bonus!

    Now gimmie that password!

  2. Great! Welcome! Wordpress is good in blogging you will surely enjoy the privacy that you looking for.
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