Monday, January 10, 2011

More Adventures In Cloth Diapers!

For Christmas Eirik got some new diapers! Its been a while since I've done a diaper review... mostly because its been a while since I've gotten new diapers! So, here are the latest additions to our stash. =) 

These diapers called to me because of the ADORABLE prints. In the cloth diaper world I've found its hard to find really cute boy prints. Its either solids or cute girl prints! These are a one size pocket diaper, which means they fit theoretically babies from birth to potty training. These diapers are very much in the shape and style of a fuzzibunz diaper... in fact their inserts are exactly the same size! There are some differences however. I've noticed that these are a bit trimmer and also the pocket for stuffing is in the front rather then the back. The idea for this is that baby poop goes up the back, not to the front, therefore you don't get poopy hands while removing the insert. I am sort of torn on the front stuff. I like it because it means that I don't have to worry about the insert hanging out the back (I have this issue sometimes) I do get wet hands when I have to remove the insert of the wet diapers because well, all the pee is right in the front so its SOAKED. Honestly however thats my only real complaint with the diaper! It fits Eirik wonderfully and has a super soft fleece inside! And come on, aren't those prints cute?! I wish it was summer so that I could let him run around in his diaper!


Next up I have EcoBumz!

These were purchased because they were a really great deal. I'll admit, i'm a sucker for a deal on fluff! These diapers are an all in one diaper which means no stuffing required... just wash and put on baby! No prep needed! They are organic as well, for those who are interested in that sort of thing. These are a 2 sized diaper... they have size 1 from 7 - 20lbs and then a size 2 from 20 - 35lbs. The inside of these diapers is a bamboo valour which honestly feels silky soft... its amazing. The outside is "recycled polyester
polyurethane laminate" to quote the webpage. These diapers are sold with hook and loop aplix or snaps. After being very dissapointed with some of my hook and loop diapers I opted for the snaps. In hindsight I sort of wish I had gone for hook and loop. My biggest negative on this dispaer is I am not thrilled with the way they fit because of how they snap. They fit him okay, but I'm just not 100% thrilled. I have no complaints other then that! We haven't had any leaks with these diapers and the inside is so super soft! 


Now for the Blueberry diapers

I've been eyeing these diapers for a while. Swaddlebees and Blueberry always get rave reviews, but I honestly couldn't justify spending a lot on new diapers since he had so many. But when they had a sale on their clearance diapers I HAD to act! I purchased 3 Blueberry One size pocket diapers! They again are one size so they fit from 10 - 35lbs. The diaper pictured is one of their one size delux, but I also purchased 2 of their one size minky. The minky ones are INSANELY soft on the outside. I have never actually wanted to cuddle with a diaper until I felt these! The inside of the diapers are actually just as soft as they are linked with a super soft fleece! Normally these diapers come with inserts however since I purchased the diapers as seconds on clearance they had no inserts included... so I am cheating and using Flip inserts instead. They fit perfectly and so far no leaks! I really am in love with these diapers. They fit well and are super soft and cute both inside and out! My only minor complaint is that they give Eirik a HUGE fluffy butt. They are not trim at all... but they are so adorable I really don't care! I have no fear that these diapers will fit him for quite a while with no worries! I also am very impressed with their hook and loop closure so far! They seem like they will hold up well over the numerous wash cycles! 


Lastly we have econobums

These I got on black friday as part of a surprise cloth diaper bundle. For X number of dollars I would get at least 2 diapers plus one diaper accessory. It honestly wasn't something I would have purchased myself. I have done the whole "cover with insert" thing. I have the flip diaper, which while I am okay with it is not my go to diaper anymore. Honestly we used this once to try it out and since then it has been put aside to use as our backup diaper. This option is really great for those who are looking to cloth diaper on a tight budget! But i'll be perfectly honest in saying that the cover looks and feels cheap. Honestly we never used the prefold that it came with, we used a flip insert because the cover is the same size as a flip cover. Again, this isn't a diaper I would purchase myself at this point, but when I first started using cloth and was on a tighter budget I would have considered it. 
A final note on cost. The idea behind the econobum diaper is that you can do cloth without spending a fourtine. The price of cloth diapers can be overwhelming! I know when I did the math at how much it would cost to fill my stash with new pocket diapers I was hit with sticker shock! Pocket diapers run about 16 - 20 dollars each new for many of the popular brands.. but many are even more then that! (I am dying to try rump a rooz diapers but I can't bring myself to spend that much on a diaper yet!) Even though I KNEW in the long run I would save money thinking of spending that much money up front was daunting for me. I've built my stash up slowly hunting for deals online. Websites such as mamabargins, babyhalfoff, oliviaplace, ecobabybuys, and zulily have all had amazing diaper sales! I'm sure other sites have had good deals too, but these are sites i've purchased them from. Also companies will do specials on diapers which are considered "seconds" or when they discontinue a style. Right now BumGenius is having a huge clearance deal on their sized all in one diapers which has me tempted to buy a few! Instead of spending 16 - 20 dollars on a diaper you can get a steal for as low as 9 or 10 dollars... which is the EXACT same price as the econobums. And thats if you insist on buying new diapers... used diapers can be found online by either purchasing or trading! 

Before I end this insanely long post, I want to talk about diaper sprayers. I could spend an entire post talking about these, but i'll condense it down to a few sentences. The poop factor is what everyone says when talking about cloth "EWW POOP!" Until Eirik was 6 months old I didn't worry about poop because breastfed babies poop is water soluble. But once he started on solids suddenly I had to deal with the poop issue. Enter, the diaper sprayer! This is a WONDERFUL device. I simply turn it on, spray, and the poop goes into the toilet and gets flushed away! I will confess here that it took a few tries for me to get the sprayer adjusted to the correct pressure and figure out the best way to hold said diaper over the toilet... but I honestly can't imagine dealing with the poop any other way. I don't think with a diaper sprayer there is a large difference between brands. I'm honestly not 100% sure what brand mine is!


  1. Such cute diapers!!!! Happy the sprayer is coming in handy =)

  2. Rumparooz are fantastic, but they run small. Peter is already on the second rise snap, and he's tiny! The robot print, though, is great!

    As for the BG AIOs, I've found they hold onto smells more than the pockets do, since you can't remove the insert. If Eirik's a heavy-wetter, I don't recommend them. I have two smalls, and they're the last ones I reach for.

  3. Thanks for the heads up Liz! Eirik is a heavy wetter, especially overnight!

    the robot print is the one I keep eyeing up... i love it! its too adorable.. and i am a sucker for cute prints. =)