Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Clapping, Teething, and Sleeping Oh My!

First off, clapping has been captured on video!! Please excuse my husbands lack of enthusiasm... he thought I was taking a picture and he hates having his picture taken.

We are doing another round of MAJOR teething. I thought Christmas was bad... oy... this is worse. The whining and fussing and general grumpiness!! Eirik has also discovered screaming... so needless to say things have been fun around here. Anything that could be gnawed on is... i'm SO ready for these top two teeth to make an appearance!

Sleeping well... its better.... thats for sure. If for no other reason that now I make my husband get up with him if its only been 1 or 2 hours since I fed him. I'm not night weaning him per say (another topic for another time!)... but i'm getting him used to not being nursed back to sleep every time he wakes up. Mommy is tired!! But, overall, I think we're still doing better then before. Right now we're struggling with an early wake up but I think that's due to a very damp diaper so we're going back to changing him somewhere between midnight and 2am when he wakes up to eat to see if that helps.

He is now exclusively in his crib. To say this was a tough move for me is an understatement... I was NOT ready to move him but he obviously was. He sleeps better and longer now... and I have to admit after the first few nerve wrecking nights so do I. This weekend I even officially took down the cosleeper after realizing that it had been weeks since he actually slept in it. He was either in his own crib or sleeping in the middle of the bed between my husband and I. It was sad for me to do so, because it was yet another sign that my baby is growing up. Of course if he ever wants to come back into bed with us, or starts not sleeping well in his crib, i'll gladly move him back in. But for now the arrangement works for us.

And finally a few pictures! I FINALLY got a picture of the two bottom teeth! Sort of... look closely and you'll see teeth!! That's his "please let me eat mom" look...


Need a great way to entertain your child? Get a box and a cat! The cat will sit in the box and the baby will have a blast trying to close the box up with said cat inside.


After the baby gets bored of this (or the cat runs away), take the cat out of the box and put the baby in!


If that fails, pull out the Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube!



  1. I find ibuprofen to be the only thing that helps Noah when he's teething, and it DOES make a difference. Hopefully you get a break from it soon!

  2. Good work on getting the clap on video! Happy to hear the new sleeping arrangement will work. It's a great idea for your DH to get up with him if he's been fed recently, I bet that will really help too. Sorry his teeth are bugging him, hopefully they pop soon! I can totally see his teeth in the picture. Kylie's tooth is so small I'm use to looking for them pretty hard =)