Sunday, January 9, 2011

Laser Pointers - Fun For the Family!

So last night Eirik was a grump... he didn't do well with his second nap and by about 6pm both my husband and I were at our wits end to keep him happy. He had reached that point where no matter what we did, he would yell. Sometimes I almost miss the days when he would just cry... the yelling and screetching is more ear peircing! Anyway... I got the idea that we should let hte cats amuse him! I mean, come on, the cats will get exercise and attention and everyone will be happy! So I pulled out... the laser pointer!

Any cat owner will tell you that cats LOVE this thing. Even the cat that HATES toys will go insane for the laser pointer. ALL my cats love it, but the 2 of them go absolutely crazy. The one cat even knows what it looks like and starts getting excited when he sees the pointer in my hand. So I pull it out and instantly Eirik ls giggling as the cats chase the little red dot around the floor. My cats don't hold back when chasing this thing... they will leap up walls and sometimes do interesting jumps to try and get it!


After a while of this Eirik decided to crawl in and join the fun.


Note the orange blur on the left side of the picture. That is Sebastian running away from Eirik. Yes, he's still petrified of the baby... he's an odd cat. Anyway... at first I thought Eirik was going after the cats. He LOVES the cats. But no... I quickly realized I was mistaken...


Yes, he too wanted to chase the little red dot! At this point I was about dying of laughter. Sadly the battery in the laser pointer died shortly after this... thankfully it was bath time just about anyway.

So, if you have cats, a baby, and a laser pointer, you now have a new way to entertain your grumpy child!


  1. I love the last picture of Eirik and your pretty black cat just staring at the dot...too funny! So happy it helped in a pinch.

    Nice new background!